He enjoyed extremely robust health right up to May 2015, when he fell ill with a life threatening problem of his liver and was hospitalised for a week, true to Whispa's style, he made all the nurses and support staff fall in love with him, Charmed them completely and even had them running out to buy every wet food and treat under the sun to try to convince him to eat.  They where very sad for him to leave. After a week, things where not looking good and he came home to be with us in comfort to wait for the end, the vet assured us he wouldn't be in pain, that he would eventually just fall asleep and not wake as his organs shut down.  
True to stubborn Tonk style rather then fade and pass away, Whispa managed to cure himself. Once we had got home I took him off all the drips and drugs that where forcing his appetite and the things stuck to his head for him to be tube fed and he started eating for himself. once eating, his liver function became compatible with life again and he was with us another 8 months before he fell ill again with a different life threatening illness, this time his Kidneys failed, back he went to the hospital where despite staying another week they couldn't find what was ultimately wrong and causing the problem. Sadly he couldn't repeat his earlier magic trick and we had to have him put down 5th of Feb 2016. I am so happy we had that extra time with him, but it is never enough and I still miss him and think about him every day. A full year later, my heart still aches for him, to me he was my baby and there is a huge hole in my life without him here.

Whispa, Our Baby.

Whispa was our neutered Tonkinese boy, his colour was chocolate so we named him after the chocolate bar and he was our first Pedigree cat along with Oreo, he so nearly wasn't but I am very glad fate stuck her nose in! We were originally due to have Oreo only at the time and then have one from a different mother who's litter that was due later in the year.


Ideally I had wanted 2 kittens to come together to be good company for each other when we where out to work, but when we where offered Oreo there wasn't another kitten that didn't already have an owner, so it was planned we would get Oreo and hope he didn't get too lonely waiting for a playmate. A few weeks before we where due to go pick Oreo up Christine put up on her website that Merrydancer Balluntunda (Whispa) needed a home as the people that originally wanted him sadly couldn't take him anymore. Simon and I talked it over for a few days because we had originally wanted 2 Ocicats, but we agreed that we would still love Whispa all the same if he came to live with us, and were thrilled that we could bring him back with Oreo. So the love affair began! And I wouldn't have been without Whispa even if someone offered me a fortune to part with him. 

Whispa was a very loving cat. He was always talking to you, wanting affection, he was adorable. Whispa was very well behaved until Millie arrived and led him astray! He loved to be outside on his harness and in his run and you can easily tell what it is he was trying to say to you! Whispa had also done very well at the 3 shows he had been to, he won his open classes, a best of breed and a PC and also won 3 side classes and got 4 seconds in these classes. At the Supreme 2006, which is the crufts of the cat world, Whispa won a second in his class, but mainly spent the day making many new friends, he had so many people stop at his cage to speak to him. He thoroughly enjoyed his day out and hotel stay! I am very proud of him, he seems to enjoy the time out too.

Whispa had been with us for  nearly 13 years and we are very proud of him. He was gigantic, in both size and personality, he actually took dog sized harnesses as its the only ones that went around him, he completely outgrew all the cat sizes before he was a year old. His colouring had become much darker, and he was even more of a mummies boy then he was before, he always climbed on my lap when I was at the computer, wanting cuddles. He was also very placid, at our wedding he attended in his harness and had a bow tie specially altered to fit his little neck and he didn't bat an eyelid. We have friends around for dinner often and he loved the attention. Whispa made friends with everyone who he met and we where so proud of him. I miss him every day, its so hard doing this update and taking his info from the old site and making it in to past tense.

4th November 2004 - 5th Feb 2016