Chocolatedot Pasha (Dexter)

Dexter is our big baby pet boy. After Whispa passed I knew that I eventually wanted another little boy, Their personalities seem to be so much more cuddly compared to our girls, who although they are very loving, whilst they are kept entire they are just a little more aloof and spend much of their time wanting babies if they dont have them already!
Dex (2).JPG
Dexter was born 8th Feburary 2017 almost a year to the day after Whispa died, I was hoping and hoping that in this litter would be a boy, preferably a chocolate boy like Whispa was.
Out of the litter of 4 we had 2 girls and 2 boys and although I had no idea what colour Dex was, I knew the other boy was a brown so Dex was the only choice left whatever colour he ended up being! I could have sent his DNA to Langfords to see his colour, but I just kept delaying and putting it off, accepting that Dexter was staying whatever colour he was.

We Decided early on that we wanted Dex to grow up big and strong, so we wanted to leave him intact as long as possible. This also led to a side question, did we want to breed from him? I forever regretted not taking litters from Whispa, but we where very new to it all then, and we hadn't even thought we might have gone in to breeding. We decided we would leave him entire and see how he developed and how we handled having a stud living inside as part of the family. We are incredibly lucky that none of our entire girls have ever sprayed, obviously in a boy left entire this is a very normal behaviour which we wouldn't really want him to develop. Dex lives as our pet in the house and we wouldn't, and couldn't want him to live outside in his own stud quarters due to the close proximity of our neighbours and wanting him to be a part of the family. So this is VERY much a wait and see project. 

Updates news: I had to Neuter Dexter in April, as I found that being on my own, I was unable to cope with the added pressures of keeping an indoor stud and managing it so he does not mate his mother and sister! whilst there were two of us to sort it it was manageable, but not with just me.