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Updated News.

I have had to put the kitten plans on hold for now until I know where I will be headed in life. After 13 years of Marriage we are in the middle of getting our Divorce granted after Simon left me. As I do not drive, I really dont know what the future holds with being able to get to stud etc so bear with me whilst I try to find a way to make it possible going forward in to the future.

Please feel free to browse the site, I have tried to put in as much information as I can, so you can get a good look at where I have come from and what I do here. Some people may feel I have too much information, but I have found that many people like to browse the internet to find out information and do their research first before deciding on a breeder or specific breed. 
If there is anything else you want to know, feel free to E mail me. I work funny shift patterns and two different jobs so bear with me if I dont get back to you right away, and I also work night shift so I do not use my phone to deal with kitten enquiries, my phone is usually turned off, or on silent mode as I sleep as and when I can and I found it was too difficult to maintain mobile contact, as we where constantly missing calls and enquiries and the kittens where not getting booked up so we made the choice to use E mail contact only so that enquiries where not missed anymore.
I have been breeding cats for 13 years, starting with Ocicats and then branching out in to Tonkinese. I am sometimes accused of being too blunt, but I would rather be honest and truthful to people, even if the truth is sometimes not all shiny and nice.