Please feel free to E mail us! 

As mentioned on our front page, we do not use our phones for kitten enquiries, I understand that sometimes people need to hear a voice on the other end of the line to know we are real people, and not robots or a kitten mill.


Due to our crazy work hours, I myself hold down a full time night job and also a part time waitress job alongside taking care of my cats, my family and my home. My husband works just the one job, but overtime every week, this leaves us precious little time to make sure we are around and alive for when normal people like to call!


I only give out my number to new owners at the very end of the journey, a few days before they are due to visit or collect the kitten for emergency use only. Therefore we can only be contacted by E mail or the form opposite I apologise if this isn't very convenient, but I hope you can understand.

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