About Us

My name is Kerry, My cats and I live in Plymouth, South Devon. We are not a business, this is our hobby. If you think breeding is a quick way to make money then you are very much mistaken, you are lucky if the price of the kittens help to offset the costs of this expensive hobby.

We first stumbled across Ocicats and Tonkinese just over 13 years ago, I was looking for a furry companion for my partner, at that time I didn’t like cats at all, I would much rather have a dog!. I saw cats as being aloof, only wanting you when they are hungry and very selfish animals. At that point I didn’t believe that a cat can tell when you are in need of comfort like a dog does. I was a dog person! I reluctantly agreed that we would have a cat if my partner took responsibility for it, would clean the litter tray, groom and feed it. We started looking for a suitable fluffy companion, I ruled out long haired cats, as I didn’t want to have cat hair all over the house and we first agreed on a Cornish or Devon Rex, as I understood it they didn’t moult so would fit the profile we wanted. We contacted several breeders over the internet looked at pictures and thought about different studs for a few weeks, but something was bothering us, with the rex’s you either love their quirky look or don’t, and we where very alarmed at the large ears when we saw our first Rex, so the hunt for a different breed was on.

Next we looked at the Singapuras, the smallest breed of cat, unfortunately we contacted one breeder to ask about the breed and she was rather short and abrupt with us and told us we where not suited to a Singapura. So again we looked for a suitable breed for us. We threw out the same e-mail of enquiry to many different breeds trying to find a breed that was suitable and this is where we found our dear friend and mentor Christine of Merrydancer cats. The moment I read her first e-mail back I knew this was the lady and breeds I wanted to deal with! And the more and more I read about the cats I slowly transformed from a dog person to a cat person! We talked via e-mail for a few months about the breed and her cats and we made a trip up to the supreme cat show in Birmingham that November to finally put a face to the name!

After 5 years of breeding the Ocicats, we started another exciting adventure, breeding Tonkinese cats. We have always loved the Tonkinese, after visiting Christine several times along the years and seeing the happy way Tonks and Ocicats lived together, we had decided that we would very much like to have little Tonk kittens. Throughout the years, all our visitors, for kittens and otherwise, have fallen in love with our Tonk pet Whispa. He was always everyone’s favourite with his laid back personality and teddy bear looks, we could have re homed him a hundred times over! Sadly, Whispa had been neutered, and had always been a pet so he could not father litters himself to pass on his wonderful soft nature, but we were confident that as "Uncle Whispa" he passed on to any kittens we bought up here through his interaction all his best qualities.

Whispa is sadly no longer with us, he passed away at the age of 13.