Current Breeding Queens
As hobby breeders, we are not a big cattery. We dont show, and we keep our cat household small so that we can make sure we have enough time and money to care for every cat 100% for the rest of their lives. We have made hard choices along the way to ensure that our cats and kittens get the very best care and attention, parting with cats who have not been happy here, or have been better suited as cats in single cat households. Our girls are very much a member of the family, we do not cage our cats, although they have a room where their litter trays are kept that contains a room sized cage, this was for our stud cat we owned many years ago, the doors are kept open and tied back so the cats can wander and have free rein of almost every room in the house. 
Our girls are not breeding machines, each girl has just about a year in between births so that they can have enough time to recover and gain back any health and condition they might have lost whilst nursing. This time frame is obviously looked at in an individual circumstance and where litters have arrived in a shorter time frame, it is because the girl would have been loosing too much condition by being a constant caller. so a earlier litter is the lesser of the 2 evils. The GCCF recommend births be no less then 17 weeks apart from each other. We wait much longer!
I have never been one to keep a queen as a breeder in to old age, I truly believe that after a few litters, she deserves the chance to be a "normal" cat, a much loved pet who doesn't have to worry about calling and babies. Not only do I feel this is better for the mum, but also better to progress the breed down the line. Usually I take no more then 3 litters from a girl before neutering and retiring her, for the first time ever I have Feeble entering a forth pregnancy here, in the hope to get a special baby from her specifically.

Chocolatedot Inferno

Feeble is our eldest breeding queen. Born in June 2012 she will be 5 this year. Feeble was born here, and is daughter to our first Tonkinese queen Aero, who is an F1, making Feeble an F2. She is a brown mink, and is a typical Tonkinese! she is very loving, intelligent, playful and makes a wonderful mother. When she is pregnant, the first sign I can tell is not the usual body changes, but the fact that she will sleep on my head! she never does this when she is not pregnant and has done it with all 4 of her pregnancies. Feeble is half sister to our beloved Whispa, who we lost feb 2016.

When I was choosing a mating for her mother, I particularly wanted to use the lines of Whispa's father, Shadow, as he was very well known to have a wonderful temperament and good health, he was still able to work as a stud at over 10 years old and was still enjoying the work. I was very lucky that he was still working by the time I got round to breeding Tonks!  Thus, Feeble has been chosen to have a further litter then I usually allow, specifically in the hope that we will have a little boy we can keep as a pet, just as Whispa was, using shared lines. I know we can never replace any of our departed cats, but I feel I must have this link with our new boy if at all possible. 

Feeble's litter is due from the 5th of Feb onward, very bittersweet timing. I didn't realise at the time when she was calling and went for a last minute mating but her litter is due a year to the day after we had to have our Whispa put to sleep. I still grieve for him every day, even a year on. so fingers crossed for a safe delivery of a little boy for us.

This Photo is a particularity sentimental photo for me, it was taken at night on my old old Nokia phone as I was being pinned in bed by all the cats! it shows Whispa with Feeble, half brother and sister, and just peeking out the back is Feeble's Mum Aero. It is still my phone wallpaper 4 years later!

Chocolatedot Mistycopeland

Misty Is a Lilac solid pattern. She was born here in May 2015 and is the daughter of Feeble.  Misty is a terror... Tonks are naughty and cheeky but never nasty with it. Misty has so much energy she doesn't know what to do with it. She gets bored very easily and also back chats you when you tell her off!  


Initially I was in 2 minds what to do with Misty, When she was was born I intended to keep one of her litter so I could retire Feeble and keep my line going. I was so pleased when a lilac arrived, up until then we had 99% browns of all the patterns so I was very pleased to have something different to breed from.  


Nothing unusual about her was showing as a youngster, but once her litter brothers and sisters left, and she had no one to play with she started being very attention seeking and if we didn't play with her enough she would rip the wallpaper off so we would pay attention to her. I really was unsure of if it would be right to mate her, I was worried she wouldn't have the mental capacity to cope, still being in the mindset of a very naughty kitten and I was also worried she would teach her babies bad habits.

I went to see a wise woman to ask her advice, she suggested that Misty needed something to occupy herself, and that being a mum would not leave room for boredom and the attention seeking would stop. So on that advice, I was going to allow her one litter and then neuter her and re home her with one of her kittens so she would be guaranteed a playmate. . ... yeh.. our plans are often not matching our cats plans! So although she no longer rips off the wallpaper, and has calmed down a bit, she still has her mad moments but we are trying for a second litter... then neuter her and re home her with one of her kittens! In the next few months Misty will go to stud so watch this space.