Buying a kitten from us

We live in Plymouth, South Devon, England in a semi quiet neighbourhood on the outskirts of the city close to the edge of Dartmoor. All of our cats are kept indoors only and the kittens we produce will only be allowed to go to homes where this rule will be upheld to help give our kittens a chance at a long and happy life. In most cases we like to home in pairs,  to a home where there is existing cats, or a home where there are people around most of the time.


Tonkinese are VERY social cats, they always want to be involved in what you are doing and they like to be kept occupied. If a cat of any breed is lonely or bored, its not very nice for the cat, and can sometimes lead to unwanted or destructive behaviours and having been involved with Tonk personalities for over 13 years, I know how much they enjoy company and being with other people and cats. This doesn't mean we refuse everyone who doesn't meet a tight and strict rule book, that is not the case at all, and we take things on a home by home account, but we do ask that you think deeply about the breed of cat you are looking for and if it would fit your life style.   We often call Tonks cogs, as we feel they are more like dogs in the way that they love people, and are very loyal and loving. You can even train them to walk on a harness and to play fetch!

Our kittens are bred with the utmost care and attention to ensure the continuation of the wonderful qualities of this beautiful breed, they leave this house no earlier than 13 weeks and go fully litter trained, socialised and used to the usual noises and routines of a normal household. They are registered as pedigree cats, they are vaccinated, wormed, and brought up in accordance to the rules and guidelines of the GCCF. Our kittens go to their new homes with a Kitten pack including home comforts to help them settle in to their new homes quicker and all paperwork.

Our aim is to breed happy, well-adjusted kittens for pet, show and breeding. Keeping true to the breed with good quality, well-bred girls as our foundation and continuing down the lines. Please feel free to take a look around, if you have any questions please do e mail us and ask, we are more than happy to give advice on any subject, and if you ask something we are unsure of ourselves we know someone who will know! 

Ok, so you have done your research and looking about and know that the Tonkinese are the breed for you, and that you are interested in a litter we have, what next?! 
The best thing to do would be to E mail us so we are aware of your interest, although we do not often need to run a waiting list we do advertise in several places so sometimes many people enquire at the same time. Past experience has taught us several things, so over the years we have had to change the way we do things.
When the kittens are old enough, and interesting enough, we ask you make a visit if you can, this helps you choose the kitten you would like, and also you can see exactly how we run our home, and how we bring up the kittens. Different breeders do things different ways and you may feel more comfortable knowing what sort of a home your kitten was bought up in.
Obviously if distances prevent you from visiting, ask loads of questions! millions of questions so you are sure that this particular kitten is the one for you. Its never nice for a kitten to have to return here because its owners where not expecting it to do X,Y or Z, it rarely happens, only once in my time of breeding have I had a kitten return because their owners didnt realise how active Tonkinese can be, but a bit of research and question asking could have prevented it.

After a visit, or during if you are a hundred percent decided already, we ask for a £50 non refundable deposit to secure the kitten. This can be in cash, cheque or bank transfer but until a deposit is made, we can not secure the kitten for you and can not hold it back from other visitors.


This is not to pressure you in to making a choice there and then, we encourage you to visit, have a proper think, a talk to the family and then decide. This little kitten will be with you for a long time, it is so very important that you make sure you buy the kitten that will suit you, but because in the past we have had people ask us to hold the kitten, and then last minute drop out and by then the kitten is older and has to be re advertised and all started again so the non refundable deposit covers that kittens vaccinations so we are not out of pocket whilst we re advertise it.

After the deposit is made, the kitten is then reserved for you, if any interest is shown in it by other visitors then they are told that the kitten has already been reserved by someone else. I also then make individual updates to you about it, rather then general updates on my Facebook and webpage for everyone.  

Kittens dont leave here before they are 13 weeks old because of their vaccinations, they complete their course here with our own Vet, this is not only the responsible thing to do, but is also a rule put in to place by the GCCF to help protect the kittens.  During this waiting time, we make up the kitten pack so we will ask for some details such as your address to put in the kitten contract and to register the free insurance.  If you do  have reasons that you cant take the kitten at 13 weeks, we do offer to keep them here until you are able to collect them, such as a pre booked holiday falling at the wrong time. 

When you come to collect the kitten, the remaining money is due for payment.  We regret that we can not accept a cheque on the day, as due to a bad past experience, all cheques must clear before the kitten leaves us. Some people like to pay via "quick transfer" directly in to our bank account, and some pay by cash. As long as the full cost has been covered before kitten leaves, we do not mind which method is used.